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Cue Repair

Cue Repair from Tips to Refinishing

A Few Vintage Cues

Refinished with a bit of TLC, they look as good as new!

Irish Linen Wrap color choices for rewrapping your pool cue.

1970's Huebler Cue

The 1970’s Huebler cue, in the images above, was brought to me by a dear friend who has helped and supported me since my early beginnings.

The cue was old and faded, but it had been kept in its original case and still straight as an arrow.

You've got to give credit to Paul Huebler, now retired, a man who knew how to make a quality cue.

After cleaning off the old finish (of which there was very little), I set to re-staining the points and the Birdseye maple forearm.

There were very few dings in the butt or forearm which made my work a bit easier.

The butt is made of Cocobolo and after re-staining it the colors really popped. Its logo needed remade, which took some time

and research, but I believe I did it justice as it looks remarkably close to the original.

The wrap is a double wrap using two different Irish linens, black w/ white specks, and white w/ black specks.

This type of wrap is a favorite for this specific billiards player/cue collector/friend.

He is an avid cue collector, therefore cares deeply about the condition they are in.

I have had the pleasure of refinishing many of his pool cues and several of them are now double wrapped, including his custom Dark Horse break cue.

Given the chance I would take the same time and care of your cue as I have done for these others.

Contact me if you have a cue in need of any type of repairs.