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Jump Cues


Jump Cues

Custom made by Cary Brace at Dark Horse Cues

Jump cues made by Cary Brace at Dark Horse Cues are hand turned so each one is unique.

The handles are made of the same laminated wood that is used for my break cues.

I like to use linen ferrules and turn the shafts out of maple.

My own personal preference on the shaft diameter is 13mm’s or less. They jump better for me at that size.

The hybrid cue tips from Joe Barringer are made of phenolic and leather and grip better than the plain phenolic cue tips.

The grip knob at the back has a nice feel and the recessed “dimple” areas near the joint give a more consistent place to hold the cue.

Since VNEA regulations state that jump cues have to be 40″‘s long, I make mine 41″ just to be safe.

Jumping a ball is like any other difficult shot, it requires lots of practice.

Since most pool halls don’t like you practicing jump shots as they leave marks on the felt, I recommend that you get a small, (6″ X 6″) piece of felt left over from your local billiards hall.

Most of them are glad to give you one as it really helps save the wear on the pool tables.

If you don’t have a pool hall then contact your local amusement company that handles the bar tables they too will have left over felt.