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History of DHC Laminate Woods


History of DHC Laminate Woods

Why laminated Hardwoods are the perfect choice for a pool cue.


As an avid billiards enthusiast and cue craftsman, passion drives me, both on the pool table and off, especially when i’m in creating mode building pool cues.

Whether a cue is a jump cue, jump/break or shooting cue, it needs to be able to withstand the shock of the pool shooter’s hard break and more.

After much brainstorming on what would be the best wood to construct hard hitting cues with, by happenstance, I was in a sporting goods store looking at hunting rifles and equipment.

My brain got to reeling.  If a gun stock can hold up to the impact of being shot repeatedly over the course of its lifetime, it should more than withstand the beating many pool players put their cues through.

Boom… that’s when the idea hit me.

Laminated woods used to make guns stocks are strong, stable and shock resistant.

The laminates are dyed layers of various hard woods that have no knots, chinks, voids or faults of any kind then glued together with a high impact resin.

They are a perfect!

As you look through my custom cues, you will see that there are several made with a laminated wood that some may call “Dymond” wood, but the actual “Dymond” wood company is out of business.

Even though the wood seems similar, the laminate used for gun stocks is made differently and by another company.

Customer satisfaction is at the top of my list along with the quality, strength, precision and durability of all Dark Horse cues.

For this reason, I researched and contacted an extremely reputable manufacturer, bought some laminated wood blanks, turned them into cues, proved my theory and the rest is Dark Horse Cues history.