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Design A Custom Pool Cue

Let's Get Creative!

What Is Your Style?

Quality and craftsmanship is a must.... beyond that, is it the look, the style, the type? Sneaky Pete, Jump Cue, Jump / Break Cue, Shooting cue and more can be customized for you!

Break Cues

All of my break cues are made with pre-stained laminated hardwoods that are glued with a high impact resin making for a really great hit. The shafts are maple solid and true. I use a white linen ferrule (unless something else is requested) your choice of break tip.

Laminated Wood color choices

Natural Hardwoods

Just a few natural hardwoods, but you are not limited to only these wood types.

Common hardwoods used in making pool cues

- Inlay wood examples.

Prices and Options

The form starts with the base price and allows you to customize the basic options, giving you and I both an idea of what you want in a cue before we begin talking about just what you want and pricing on your cue.

Exotic woods have a wide variance of types and prices so it is best to price each individually with each quote.

In the text box or notes, you can either fill in the wood type below or we can discuss it further at a later date.

There are several options that are not feasibly priced here, but we can easily go over everything you desire in a cue after the basic form is filled out.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Irish Linen Wraps

- Irish Linen color choices

Cue Tips

Some popular billiards cue tips are listed here, but if your preference isn't here, be sure to note the specific tip type you want.

Cue tips

Thank you for your interest in Dark Horse Cues!

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Dark Horse Cues
Cary Brace

Rapid City, South Dakota

(605) 680-1916

Design Your Pool Cue

For price quotes, send us your preferences on the form below.

Sneaky Pete - starting at $375.00 - your choice of:

Break Cues - starting at:

Basic Pool Cue

Starting at $475.00.

Your choice of laminated, popular and exotic hardwoods, linen rings, no points, LD shaft (low deflection) and an Irish linen wrap.

Additional items can be added to each cue.

Hardwoods of your choice

-  Laminated hardwood color choices
-  Common Natural Hardwood choices
-   A Few Inlay Wood choices

4 Floating points on the forearm
4 floating points on the forearm $125.00

4 or more inlays or “boxes” on the bottom of the cue

Basic beauty (trim) rings made of 2 materials $25.00 per ring

Beauty(trim) rings that require more than 2 materials will vary in price according to complexity.
Price according to complexity

Leather or exotic skin wraps starting at $125.00

Stacked leather wrap $175.00
Stacked leather wrap

Low deflection shafts like OB or Predator will be priced according to current market prices. I will only charge for the beauty (trim) rings if needed to match your cue.


Cue Tip Preference
-  Cue Tips

Irish Linen Color Preference
-  Irish Linen color choices

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