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Dark Horse Cues Heading To Las Vegas

Getting Ready For VNEA Nationals

Wow. It has been a bit since I have had a chance to post anything.

Here is just a teaser.

I’m busting butt getting ready for the 1016 VNEA nationals in Vegas at the end of May.

I’m so excited, as many years as I have played VNEA I have never been to Vegas for the Nationals.

This year the singles fell just after I get done with school so I am going to be there for both singles and team.

I am trying to finish a bunch of pool cues to take with me so that I might get some national recognition.

I am also in the middle of building 2 4-axis CNC machines to enhance my cue making abilities.

Here’s some pics of all that is going on.


CNC Parts

CNC Parts

Custom Break Cues

Break Cues

custom break cues

Break Cues

DHC Custom Shooting Cues

Shooting Cues

DHC Custom Shooting Cues

Shooting Cues

cocobolo cue insets

Cue Insets

The CNC’s will be 48″ X 18″.

The break cues are now made with the same material as the handle in the shaft and man they hit hard. I’m not just saying it.

Everyone that has one say so.

They are just so frigging stiff they accelerate the cue ball faster than anything I have ever broke with.

The shooting cues are some spec cues that I wanted to build to take to Vegas so that I might have something to show off.

The little pieces on the cnc are for the curly and cocobolo cue.

There will be more pics to come over the next few weeks as I finish them for Vegas.

Till next time, 


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