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Five Point Pool Cue – Genuine Turquoise Inlays

5 point cue of Camphor burl

Gorgeous 5 point pool cue made of Camphor burl wood with a maple core and black leather wrap.

Both the upper and lower points are in Birdseye maple with crushed turquoise and purple heart inlays.

The colors are all natural, no stain on the wood at all.

There are five points on this cue, both the upper and lower points are of Birdseye maple with purple heart inlays.

The turquoise in the top points is real, hand crushed and embedded it into the pockets with epoxy and then ground down and polished.

It has nickel silver rings around the butt and handle, and the only regret I have is it that I should have put the same single silver rings at the joint and shaft.

The Camphor burl has a soft hit, but great transfer of feel.