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About DHCues

How Dark Horse Cues Came Into Being

​Get to know Cary Brace and DHC

Dark Horse Cues

When I built my first pool cue I wanted to make it different than anything else on the market. (Being honest, isn't that what most of us want?)

The criteria was simple: Solid, stable, dependable, different, and able to hit really, really hard.

Making custom cues from these high impact hardwoods delivers what my clients agree is among the best and hardest hitting break cues..

After much research, I found pre-stained hardwoods laminated using high impact resins.


I temporarily moved to teach in Wyoming and then Colorado before returning to South Dakota.


I spent four years teaching Tech Education in Plankinton, South Dakota.

Cary Brace

I enjoy playing billiards and have been playing most of my life. I love the game!!

Over the years I have had the pleasure of shooting on many great teams.

Having over 16 years of experience, I continue to learn how to work machine lathes, learning and teaching AutoCAD, and programming CNC mills and lathes.

In 2014, I earned a Professional Certification in Solid Works, an industry standard in 3D modeling.


I moved back to Rapid City to be closer to my children and was lucky enough to get a position as a Tech Education instructor in the Rapid City school district.

Jim Aldren had left the area to take an engineering position in the eastern part of the state which left a niche to be filled.

I acquired a cue lathe and start where most of us do, replacing tips and ferrules, cleaning shafts and other pool cue repairs.

A friend, who I had done some cue work for, ask me to build him a jump/break cue.

I agreed and as they say the rest is history.

Dark Horse Cues was created.


I moved to Rapid City, South Dakota and joined the local VNEA pool league.

This provided the opportunity to use many different cue sticks, including McDermott, Hubler, Meucci, Joss, and others.


While working on my degree in Teaching Technology Education, I loved the machining classes.

After finishing my Bachelor’s degree at BHSU, I joined a team where I met Jim Aldren.

Jim was making cues in the Black Hills under the logo of Black Hawk cues then continued making cues under his initials JA.

I enjoyed conversations with Jim and learning how he built cues.

Eventually Jim made a cue for me and it is a beauty.


Since then I setup a booth at most local tournaments replacing tips, ferules, and doing other cue repairs.

The Dark Horse Cues registered Trademark Logo is on the butt and on the shaft of each individual cue made by Cary Brace.

Read some comments from my satisfied clientele.

The majority of my work is in making break cues, although I am doing more and more custom cues for shooting. I delight in the challenge of combining uniqueness & elegance into the artistic creations in which my clients can take pride.

Thanks for taking the time to read this little bio and please contact me if your ever looking for something special.

I hope to meet you on the tables some time.


Cary Brace

Owner and founder of Dark Horse Cues LLC.

Rapid City, South Dakota