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Dark Horse Cues | Custom Pool Cues & Repair


Linen Wrapping A Pool Cue

Dark Horse Pool Cues will be adding clips and vids of custom cue work, designing, repairs and more. 

Check out our Videos page for more!

Dark Horse Cues

Registered Trademark

Dark Horse Cues Registered Trademark

The horse head logo was hand drawn by Cary Brace and has been registered with the trademark office...

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Dark Horse Cues

Cary Brace

Rapid City, South Dakota

(605) 680-1916

It's Not Just A Stick!

Cue Care & Maintenance

A decent pool cue can be compared to a musical instrument. It is an investment, an extension of you on the billiards table. Handle it with care and it can retain its value over the years.

Regular use can be hard enough on a pool cue. With that said, here are...

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Our Jump Cues

Jump cues made by Cary Brace at Dark Horse Cues are hand turned so each one is unique.

The handles are made of the same laminated wood that is used for my break cues.

I like to use linen ferrules and turn the shafts out of maple. 

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